How to Distribute Your Virtue

“I am tired of “tossed green salads,” no matter what their subtleties of flavor. I want a salad of a dozen tiny vegetables: rosy potatoes in their tender skins, asparagus tips, pod-peas, beans two inches long and slender as thick hairs….I want them cooked, each alone, to fresh perfection. I want them dressed, all together, in a discreet veil of oil and condiments. Why not? What, in peacetime, is to prevent it? Are we too busy being peaceful for such play?”*

Alison Knowles, Make a Salad, 1962 copy

Alison Knowles, Make a Salad, 1962 – present, performance

This Fluxus event score was first performed in 1962 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London and has since been performed by Knowles across the world ever since. It involves a Mozart duo for violin and cello followed by the production of salad by Knowles and company which is then eaten by the audience. The salad is different each time, but the Mozart remains the same.

Check out this video documenting the performance in June 2008 at Tate Modern in London.


*Fisher, MFK. How to Eat A Wolf. (North Point Press: New York, 1988), p 24


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