How to Be Sage Without Hemlock

“When they begin to think of the automatic extravagance of most of our menus, and above all of the ghastly stupid monotony of them, they too will cast off many of their habits, and being like you to eat the way they want to, instead of the way their parents and grandparents taught them. They will be richer, and healthier, and perhaps, best of all, their palates will awaken to new pleasure, or remember old ones.”*

Andy Warhol. Eat. 1963, 16 mm film, 39 minutes.

Warhold films Robert Indiana eating a mushroom

robert indiana eat 1964

Robert Indiana, Eat sign for 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing, New York. The sign was turned on for only one day because people got angry when they realised it wasn’t a restaurant.

*Fisher, MFK. How to Eat A Wolf. (North Point Press: New York, 1988), p 9


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